Obesity, eating disorders and group approach for adolescents

26-07-2010 21:10




[Obesity, eating disorders and group approach for adolescents]
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Vust S.

Unite multidisciplinaire de santé des adolescents, CHUV, 1011 Lausanne. sophie.vust@chuv.ch

About a third of obese adolescents also suffer from some kind of eating disorders which have to be recognized and included in the therapeutic frame. Besides this co-morbidity, most of these patients also require a psychological support. The group approach represents an adequate response to these problems, in providing a space for exchanges and an opportunity for mutual support. The group approach may even prove more beneficial than an individual treatment. Involving the parents too reinforces the improvement that adolescents can get from their participation in such groups.

PMID: 20648791 [PubMed - in process]


Rev Med Suisse. 2010 Jun 16;6(253):1258-60.